Tracking Data

Documentation for short link tracking data.

Tracking Data


General Tracking

When a user enters a site the site receives information about that user like the Device, Location, IP Address, Browser Type, site providers can use these details to track usage of the site. Things like Google Analytics use this to tracks and reports website traffic.

Short Link Tracking

TSL.CLICK uses this tracking data to provide its users with a platform that can help monitor campaigns on multiple platforms from social media, emails, advertisement and many more.

TSL.CLICK does not reveal individual personal information about any user that access this site whether its an account holder or any user. The information shown is of statistical data and does not point to any one individual.

If a tracking link is created by an account holder it may only be tracked from within the account holders dashboard after signing in to our site.

What information do we collect and why?

In general, you can browse the TSL.CLICK web site without disclosing any information about yourself at all. Submitting personal information on our site is optional and is protected by end-to-end encryption and our SSL Certificated (HTTPS:// protocol).

When you visit our site either from a short link or just browsing our pages your browser and isp provide information for us to our server when your connecting to verify your connection and serve the site to your device.

The following information is used to provide statistical information;

  • IP Address: used to provide a secure connection to our site and verify return usage
  • Location: information based on continent, country/state, city/town
  • Device: the Operating system and version
  • Browser: the browser name and version

This information is then processed and stored to provide statistical information about the short links traffic and usage. This information is what all websites globally have access to when you visit them it helps secure your connection and protect your connection to a website.

Whenever you provide such information, we will treat that information in accordance with our privacy policy and the GDPR.

How do we use this information?

We monitor customer traffic patterns and site usage in order to help develop the design, layout, UX and UI of our web systems and website, and to provide usage statistics on our short link usage.

Short link statistics are only general figures never individual information, thing like the total number of users in a location, counts on user device popularity and so on, at no point is any one individuals access information is disclosed.

TSL.CLICK may disclose and use personal information collected about you within its own organization for the purpose of internal business administration, analysis and project/service management.

For these purposes we may send your information internationally. Other countries offer differing levels of protection for personal information, not all of which will be as high as the levels of protection offered in the UK. TSL.CLICK will endeavour to protect you, your information and your privacy.will never disclose this information to any user of this site that is not a member of the company.

Your consent

By visiting this site and navigating through its pages and its short links, you consent to the collection, storage and processing of this information in the manner set out in this Tracking Data Policy.

Do you have any other questions about privacy? We want you to feel happy about any information you give us and know that you have control over the way it is used. If you have any questions about our Tracking Data Policy, please email them to us at


TSL.CLICK reserved the rights to change this Tracking Data Policy at any time.

Privacy Policy

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